All Power

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Walter Chandler Richardson Sr.

10/14/1972 ~ 04/22/1994

Ensuing Rose introduced us to the dope game.

Our lives were never the same.

26 years after losing you

My heart still endure the pain.

Unearthing the particular’s

Because our Mammy that

did not cosset us.

Is continuing to exploit you in vain.

You would still be alive.

To provide.

While showering me with your treasures trove and love.

You would be able to favor your children left behind.

With your kisses and your hugs!

Growing up the elders taught us to sweep life issues under the rug.

Suffering in silence

Molded us to become street thugs.

Only if our Rose

Wouldn’t have taught us how to cook crack rock.

And the art of selling drugs!

You would still be here in the flesh

Instead of resting eternally with death.

When your spirit vacated your body.

My malformed life transformed to groggy.

Which made it extremely difficult to put my trust in somebody.

You was murdered by the hands of your childhood friends.

With the sole intent to rob you and take away your dividends.

Obliged that “Kevin and Shawn “wasn’t caught-up in the deadly camaraderie.

“Grandma Peaches” our caretaker had them leave “Mr. Poochie” house.

To go retrieve her commodities.

This chore was their saving grace.

But it was also.

The last time they’ll get to see your face.

As they made way from Allen to St.Bernard street.

By feet...

This was the heart breaker.

Not knowing that’ same day you would go-to meet our maker!

Rest In Power

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