All Power


From Zulu Sharod✊🏾

All Power! Why are we happy? Today is a special and epic day in the Black Panther movement! Our Party was founded on this day--October, 15, 1966! Today we honor Captain Carl Nicholas, the leader of the Newark Chapter of the BPP and two Brothas who have given their all to Pantherism: Deputy chairman Roger Smith ( passed December 2019 and Atno Smith (who is still Panthering!) These comrades conducted the Breakfast programs, tenant strikes, wimmins rights sessions, anti-police organizing, prison support committee work, defensive training that enabled them to protect themselves and their leaders! Comrade Mumia wrote a book called, We Want Freedom! In it he talks about 60 percent of the work in the Party was done by wimmin comrades across the country! That is a fact! However, these comrades in Newark, North Carolina, Maryland, Ohio, Virginia, Jersey City, etc, where the media lights was non-existent these unsung Panthers got up at 5 in the morning to feed the children, some hit the corner to sell the Panther newspapers, others did medical and prison work under the heavy guns of COINTELPRO! Job well done comrades! We got it from here! Panther Power!

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