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SUNDIATA ACOLI - ( Clark Edward Squire)


Captured 5/1973 (36 Years)







WHO IS Sundiata Acoli?

Sundiata Acoli, a mathematician, computer analyst, born January 14, 1937 in Decatur , Texas and raised Vernon Texas. He graduated from prairie View A & M College of Texas in 1956 with a B.S in mathematics and for the next 13 years worked for various computer-oriented firms, mostly in the New York area. During the summer of 1964 he did voter registration work in Mississippi. in 1968 he joined the Harlem Black Panther Party and did community work around issues of schools, housing, jobs, child care, drugs, and police brutality. In 1969 he and 13 others were arrested in the panther 21 conspiracy case. He was held in jail without bail and on trial for two years before being acquitted along with all other defendants, by a jury deliberating less than two hours. Upon release, FBI intimidation of potential employers shut off all employment possibilities in the computer profession and stepped-up COINTELPRO harassment, while surveillance and provocations soon drove him underground. In May 1973, while driving the New Jersey turnpike, he and his comrades were ambushed by NJ state troopers. One companion , Zayd Shakur, was killed, another companion Assta Shakur, was wounded and captured. One state trooper was killed and another wounded, and Sundiata was captured days later. After a highly sensationalized and prejudicial trial he was convicted of the death of the state trooper and sentence to Trenton State Prison for life plus 30 years consecutive. Upon entering TSP he was subsequently confined to a new specially created Management

Control Unit (MCU) solely because of his political background. He remained in MCU almost five years in a stripped cell smaller than the SPC"s space required for a German Shepard dog. In September, 1979 the International Justice interviewed Sundiata and subsequently declared him a political prisoner. A few days later prison officials secretly transferred him during the middle of the night to the federal prison system although he had no federal charges or sentences. In the fall of 1992, Sundiata became eligible for parole. He was hit at the board and given 20 more years, the longest hit in New Jersey history, The Parole Board stated reason for the 20-year hit was Syndicate's membership in the Black Panther Party and the Black Liberation Army prior to his arrest. After 40 years Sundiata continues to be hit at the board because he has refuse to renounce his political beliefs and to proclaim to the world that he was wrong to struggle for the liberation of his people.The last time Sundiata went to the Board he was told to return in 10 years. Sundiata will be 90 years old........


Clark Squire Sundiata Acoli


New Jersey State Prison

PO Box 4490-B-4-150

Trenton, NJ 08625-0861



Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for a crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

Chattel Slavery is still prevalent today...


Cause-And-Effect ✊🏾

Comrades, Friends, and Family

We’ve started a letter writing to Black Panther Party Political Prisoners, which you can be part of. Our intentions are to promote inspiration among the Progressive Population and give hope to the Black Panther Party Political Prisoners. We are asking you to obtain two postage stamps to communicate with your selected Political Prisoner and as proof to send a copy or top section of letter to the Campaign Committee with your return address. You may speak on any subject, but no photos or art of any kind (most incarceration rules).

When you complete your correspondence to your selected Black Panther Party Prisoner (list enclosed) put in envelope and make a copy for second envelope and mail to : Black Panther Party Commemoration Committee

PO Box 1999

Linden, NJ 07036

All communications will be confidential and once Pin is mailed off letters will be destroyed.

All Power to the People

Free them All

Atno Smith

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