Angola 3


(64 Years)

Captured 2002 (48 Year)

Convictions for 30 year old murder case of a

Fulton County Police Officer on 11/10/03

Sentence: Life and 10 years for armed robbery





BLDG 23A-2



WHO IS Kamau Sadiki?

Kamau was not in the spotlight, after his release from prison, he went to work. Having daughters and himself to support, he went to work for the telephone company in New York for over eighteen years. Both of his daughters finished college and are now married with families of their own. Kamau wasn't out beating the drums: he was being the quiet warrior that he is. He is a Muslim, another liability in these United States, where the term is almost synonymous to terrorist now. Kamau Sadiki is a former member of the Black Panther Party. At the age of 17 he dedicated his life to the service of his people. He worked out of the Jamaica, queens office of the Black Panther Party. Having internalized the 10 Point Program and Platform the 3 Main Rules of Discipline and 8 Points of Attention, Kamau used his knowledge to guide his organizing efforts within the Black Community. Kamau was one of the thousands of rank and file members of the Party who made the Black Panther Party the International political machine it was. On November 10, 2003, Kamau was sentenced to life imprisonment for murder and ten (10) years to run consecutively for armed robbery after a Fulton County Superior Court jury found him guilty for murder of Atlanta Police Officer James Green on November 3, 1971. In 1971, a witness failed to identify Kamau and there was no physical evidence that implicated Kamau. In 1971, the Atlanta police department closed the case as unsolved. In 2001, following increased interest in terrorism, one such former BLA member, gave a statement about the 1971 murder after being detained during a traffic stop. With no eyewitness testimony and no physical evidence, the State based its case entirely upon the ststement of three former BLA members who were present in Atlanta at the time of Officer Green's murder. Kamau was arrested in 2002 in Brooklyn, New York some thirty one (31) years later after the murder. The government and police, knowing that Kamau suffers from Hepatitis C, Cirrhosis of the liver and Sarcoidosis, they told him unless he helped them capture Assata Shakur that he would die in prison. This seemed to be the right time to play this card. So many different forces were congealing in the world that had changed the mood of the country in favor of mania and fear. The Patriot Act has passed, giving new meaning to what it meant to be patriotic and making disagreeing with or not going along with the policies of the government unpatriotic. Police and other uniformed personnel were heroes/heroines an above the law.....

Untouchables. What would not have been able to be prosecuted thirty years ago, was now, in this climate possible.


Freddie "Kamau Sadiki" Hilton


Augusta-State-Medical-Prision-Bldg 23A-2

3001 Gordon Highway

Grovetown, GA. 30813



Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for a crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

Chattel Slavery is still prevalent today...


Cause-And-Effect ✊🏾

Comrades, Friends, and Family

We’ve started a letter writing to Black Panther Party Political Prisoners, which you can be part of. Our intentions are to promote inspiration among the Progressive Population and give hope to the Black Panther Party Political Prisoners. We are asking you to obtain two postage stamps to communicate with your selected Political Prisoner and as proof to send a copy or top section of letter to the Campaign Committee with your return address. You may speak on any subject, but no photos or art of any kind (most incarceration rules).

When you complete your correspondence to your selected Black Panther Party Prisoner (list enclosed) put in envelope and make a copy for second envelope and mail to : Black Panther Party Commemoration Committee

PO Box 1999

Linden, NJ 07036

All communications will be confidential and once Pin is mailed off letters will be destroyed.

All Power to the People

Free them All

Atno Smith

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