Angola 3

Updated: Feb 9

February Black Panther Party

February 4, 1971

BPP Member Cindy Smallwood is killed in car accident Oakland, CA.

February 5, 1971

Police raid High Point, NC Panther office and five Panthers are arrested.

February 7, 1971

“Free Bobby Seal” benefit featuring the Lumpen Freedom Messengers and the Vanguards.

February 8, 2001

Robert King Wilkerson A.K.A Robert H. King,

Angola BPP Chapter is released After 31 years- 29 years in solitary Confinement.

February 9, 1971

Huey P. Newton Lectures at Princeton University.

February 10, 1970

Winston - Salem, N. C. BPP starts Free Breakfast for Schoolchildren Program.

February 14, 1976

Oakland Community Learning Center sponsors Free Busing to Soledad Prison.

February 16, 1970

Atlantic City, NJ

NCCF starts Free Breakfast for Children Program

February 16, 2016


Albert “Shaka’ Woodfox

Angola Prison BPP Chapter is released After 44 years in solitary confinement.

February 17, 1968

‘Free Huey”

Birthday Rally held at Oakland Auditorium.

February 17, 1942

Huey P. Newton Born

February 18, 1968

“Free Huey’

Rally held at Los Angeles Sports Arena.

February 21, 1967

BPP Members Escort Betty Shabazz from S.F Airport to Ramparts Magazine for interview with Eldridge Cleaver.

February 23, 1971

Washington DC

BPP Chapter reopens Free Breakfast for Schoolchildren.

February 25, 1968

Berkeley, CA

Police raid the home pf Bobby and Arlie Seal.

February 27, 1971

BPP Chapter In San Quentin Prison, CA opens.

February 28,

In Brooklyn, NY

BPP newspapers arrive soaked- an FBI act of sabotage on the paper.


Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for a crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

Chattel Slavery is still prevalent today...


Cause-And-Effect ✊🏾

Comrades, Friends, and Family

We’ve started a letter writing to Black Panther Party Political Prisoners, which you can be part of. Our intentions are to promote inspiration among the Progressive Population and give hope to the Black Panther Party Political Prisoners. We are asking you to obtain two postage stamps to communicate with your selected Political Prisoner and as proof to send a copy or top section of letter to the Campaign Committee with your return address. You may speak on any subject, but no photos or art of any kind (most incarceration rules).

When you complete your correspondence to your selected Black Panther Party Prisoner (list enclosed) put in envelope and make a copy for second envelope and mail to : Black Panther Party Commemoration Committee

PO Box 1999

Linden, NJ 07036

All communications will be confidential and once Pin is mailed off letters will be destroyed.

All Power to the People

Free them All

Atno Smith

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