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Do You Know What Today is?

It’s His Freedomversary & Birthday🎉

2-19- 2016

Albert Woodfox

Angola 3

Albert’s Book Signing Dinner

Albert Woodfox & Leslie George


Leslie George

Leslie George is a long-time journalist and award-winning radio producer. In her years working for WBAI Pacifica Radio in New York City, she was a reporter for “The Evening News,” a producer for the morning news program “Wake Up Call” with Amy Goodman and Bernard White, and the writer and host of the Sunday news program “Week in Review.” She won the Silver Reel Award from the National Federation of Community Broadcasters for her documentaries Drug Mules in 1998 and The Emma Clark Story in 2004. She first interviewed Albert Woodfox in 1998.

From those recordings she produced the documentary Freedom Behind Bars, which aired on Democracy Now! in 1999. Over the years she has written for a number of national magazines. She was an editorial director at iVillage, and worked as digital product director for She lived in Syracuse, New York. She Now resides in Louisiana With Albert Woodfox & Their Fur~Baby Hobo.

National Book Foundation

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