Angola 3

Marian Bultman

Dear supporters of Vincent Simmons,

Last week I sent you all a request to write a letter on behalf of Vincent for the governor to consider clemency for Vincent. See below. Unfortunately I had no reply and without a doubt everybody will have a good reason for that. But nevertheless I like to ask you take some minuets of your time and help Vincent with writing this support letter for the governor.

In case people find it hard to write a letter I add some example letters. Of course you can change it and use your own words to make it more personal.

We appreciate it very much if you want to help Vincent with this, not that much time consuming action. It is a big thing for Vincent and very important.

Thanks, Marian

In addition to the things the lawyer is doing for Vincent he is also filing a clemency request addressed to the governor.

To underscore that request we all can send a letter/email for the governor and stating why you think Vincent should be free. The lawyer can submit this when he files for clemency.

You can send these letters/emails to:

I will take care for forwarding them to the lawyer.

Will you please ask all the people from who you know they are aware of Vincent’s case and think he should set free, ask to send also an email/letter to the above address.

On behalf of Vincent thank you very much.

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